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Home » Cambridge AI Speech Tutor models of Subscription – Improve your Speaking and Pronunciation Skills with our innovative AI tool!

Cambridge AI Speech Tutor models of Subscription – Improve your Speaking and Pronunciation Skills with our innovative AI tool!

Models of Subscription

Interested in improving your proper pronunciation and Speaking skills through an AI tool with effective time management that lets you choose the perfect model?

We would like to present three types of product models:


The initial subscription to our Cambridge AI Speech Tutor tool is  one month and will be automatically extended to the next month until the user cancels their plan. Users can pay on a monthly basis through the credit card. This subscription is perfect for people who need monthly access at work or school to improve speaking and pronunciation skills and English accent or assist them before an important presentation. The client can prepare themselves and prevent them from making any pronunciation mistakes. If they need one of the AI tools later they can extend the subscription for the next month without any procedures. A truly effortless subscription, because the client has to register only once and can use the platform anytime they want. 


Clients will be able to utilize the platform for one, three, six, or twelve months. We will discuss the perfect duration with them and adjust it to their requirements and expectations. The user buys a fixed period of time for access and it ends when the purchase period has finished. They pay up-front for the full period of time. This is perfect for companies and institutions which need longer access to the platform. The other benefit for them is an individual approach to the customer. It could also be a great opportunity for students, when they need help in pronunciation during the academic year. Moreover, teachers could use the platform during classes and help students improve speaking skills and proper English accent in combination with their normal lessons and programs at school, university or at a language school.


The client is able to sign up and choose a short time subscription. The price depends on the amount of time, one or three-day, and it is much cheaper than the previous two options. Customers pay front up for the trial and can use the platform immediately after placing an order. Access expires after 24 or 72 hours depending on the model in which, they are going to receive an email notification that their subscription has expired. Use is no different from other plans and all functions are available. It’s a great option for people who effectively manage use of subscription time. They will be able to get to know the tool and decide for how long their effective use of the AI tool will last and then place an order for monthly subscription or fixed time plans. But it's also a solution, if someone wants to just use our platform for a short time to prepare well for a concrete event (i.e. a speech or presentation).

Regardless of the chosen plan, the rules of use are the same. Our client has to sign-up, choose the best option and place the order. The website requires some personal information. For example: place of residence, e-mail and phone number. Rest assured, data is secured and strictly for proceding the payment our use to process the course. The client will be able to use the platform immediately after placing an order. A link will be available to your account on the subscriptions subpage. It should also appear with the e-maili confirmation about the registration process.

If the client purchases longer access to our Cambridge AI Speaking and pronunciation tool, the price per month is discounted. When it comes to the monthly subscription, the cost is the same each month. The user or also an English teacher can also connect an AI tool’s model with private English language lessons and create a package. It is always a good choice because packages are cheaper and more beneficial.

Improve your Speaking and Pronunciation Skills – Schools, Universities, public institutions and companies

Schools and universities can find out more about what we can offer to them on their own subpage. They will have different models of subscription and payment options based on individual choices and tailor made solutions. It’s paramount for us to adjust the proposal to their needs and requirements.

Also for companies and public institutions we are able to structure individual solutions and packages based on their needs.

Contact us directly to discuss your expectations and we will find the best option for you. We are waiting to provide you with a special offer!

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